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Steam Jet Mill for iTrafylline

Publish: 2022-01-14 11:46:54


In many crushing methods, STEAM JET MILL for Itrafylline has become one of the most mainstream pulverization techniques with a small particle size, a narrow particle size distribution, high purity, high particulate activity, and good dispersibility. In particular Applicable materials such as crushing drugs such as contaminated materials.

When the Steam Jet Mill for Itrafylline screen material, the screen has good commonity under the air pressure of the rotating duct. At the same time, under the gravity of the air blower, the screen collects the qualified material, and automatically discharges the material in the front cavity of the valve body by the unloading valve. The raw material powder driven by the compressed air is continuously supplied to the classifier without the need for rotating components. By accurate control of the airflow into three products: F fine powder, m powder and G coarse powder, and collected in subsequent cyclone dust collectors and dust collectors. The material is driven by the blower of the airflow pulverizer. The lower end of the classifier moves upward moves up to the hierarchical area, the strobe, the strongest centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation grading turbine. The fine particles that satisfy the particle size requirements are entered into the cyclone separator or dust collector by the gap of the graded wheel blades. After collecting, some of the thick particles of the fine particles disappear and drops along the cylinder wall to two air ports. The crude particles and fine particles are separated by strong purification of the two winds, and the fine particles rises twice as the grade region, and the crude particles fall to the discharge exit.

For the first step, first, let's take a look at the basic concepts of the graded.
The broad grade is to divide the particles into different parts of the particle size, density, color, shape, chemical composition and radioactivity. The narrow grading is based on different particle diameter particles in the medium (usually air and water), which produces different motion trajectories, thereby achieving different particle diameter particles.
After understanding the basic concepts of grading, let's learn about the grading principle of the next classifier.
The classifier is a precision airflow classification device that can be divided into 3 products of 3 products in a thicker, medium and fine powder. The raw material powder is continuously supplied to a hierarchy without a rotating member by a feed tube that is powered by the compressed air; dividing the raw material powder into fine powder, medium powder, and coarse powder at a time by precision control of the airflow. Each product is trapped in the subsequent cyclone dust collector and dust collector.

Do you know how to use Steam Jet Mill for Itrafylline correctly? I hope the content below can help you.
1. Preparation before the pulverizer is started to check whether the host, joint, pipeline, and the valve are normal and working properly.
2, open the pulverizer

(1) Open the compressor power supply, dust collecting pressure valve and main air valve, open the pulverizerThe power switch turns on the power switch.

(2) From zero, gradually adjust to the specified speed.

(3) Open the fan, cyclone separator, dust removal and charger power, open the total power box, set the frequency of the inverter, and then start charging.
(4) The particle size of the finished product can be adjusted according to the frequency and bearing capacity of the grading wheel.
3, pulverizer shutdown sequence is: inverter - feeder - main valve compressor - Compressive plane impeller motor - cyclone material, dust removal switch - fan - General power supply air compressor.
4, eddy current pulverizer maintenance and maintenance

(1) Periodically lubricate the eddy current pulverizer, but the lubricating oil should not be too large to prevent too high of the bearing temperature.
(2) Check the wear of impeller, helical conveyors, and crushing nozzles.
(3) After pulverizing the material, the rubber powder should be removed to avoid clogging, thereby affecting the crushing effect.
(4) After the filter bag is filtered, it should be cleaned or replaced.
5, eddy current pulverizer precautions

(1) When the device is running, the unloading port cannot be reached, and the accident occurs.
(2) The rotational speed of the impeller should not exceed the specified requirements, otherwise the temperature is too high, the impeller and the electric chance are damaged.
(3) Regularly check the safety valve to ensure safety.
ALPA Activated Carbon Steam Jet Mill for Itrafylline Case Sharing: This customer is a research institute Dalian, which requires ultrafine pulverizing activated carbon during research. Investigate a number of domestic vendors, and finally choose to cooperate with our AlPa, and purchased a Steam Jet Mill for Itrafylline.

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