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Jet Mill of Modified Silica

Publish: 2022-01-14 11:46:43


The airflow pulverizer plays a vital role in the current industrial production. In various major minerals, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food manufacturing industries are widely used. With the continuous development of airflow crushers, the various major industries are particularly medical, and the food industry puts forward new requirements in the pulverization process. It is desirable that the powder can be kept clean. In the manufacture of traditional airflow pulverizer, carbon steel, stainless steel is generally used as the lining material of the airflow pulverizer.

JET MILL OF MODIFIED SILICA is suitable for combating machinery of materials such as synthetic resins, food, chemicals. The apparatus is different from the ordinary inner grinding machine, not only simply crushed, such as impact force and cutting force, but also by many generated ultrasonic eddy currents and vibration thus generated high-frequency pressure vibration to crush the material. Under certain conditions, the viscous material and the elastic material can also be pulverized. The pulverizer is almost no increase in the cyclic temperature during the pulverization process, so the thermal material can also be pulverized. The pulverizer has a reasonable structure, stable operation, low energy consumption, large crushing capacity, small size, no fault, easy to clean and maintenance. General shells use water cooling and their own air volume, conveying crushing materials, improves temperature, and reduces thermal materials. The wear of the blade is caused by a large amount of ultrasonic vortex generated by the back of the blade and the vibration of the high frequency pressure. Compact, no dust, no dust.

JET MILL OFIFIED SILICA Working Principle: Airflow Crusher and Cyclone Separator Distant Machine Encomps a complete comminution system, compressed air is filtered and dried, and then through the Raval nozzle in multiple high pressure air intersection Enter the crushing room at high speed. The material is repeated collision, friction and shear, and the crushing material is pulverized in the fan torch. Under the action of the high-speed rotary classification machine, the fine particles that satisfy the particle size required by the grading wheel with thickness, fine product to collect the fine particles and dust collectors by the grading wheel with the thickness, fine particles of the particle size and the dust collector and dust collectors. And continue to break in the broken area.

High-pressure gas (compressed air, superheated steam or other gas) injected from the pulverization chamber and the high-speed air flow consisting of solid particles injected into the crushing chamber were subjected to tangential shock of the air flow injected from different angles. The solid particles collide with each other and friction in the mixed airflow. Since the temperature generated during the pulverization is small, it is conducive to the low melting point crushing material. When toxic, flammable or radioactive substances are crushed, superheated steam is usually used to prevent outwardly spread.
This is because all materials can be precipitated when steam is condensed. The gas flow pulverizer utilizes the material to achieve huge kinetic energy under the action of the high-speed airflow, causing the high-speed collision and the severe friction between the particles, while the high-speed airflow generates shear effects, thereby achieving the purpose of pulverization.

JET MILL of Modified SiliCA is a more accurate machinery, and some details still need operators in the daily use and maintenance process. In order to improve the pulverization efficiency of gas flow mill, it is necessary to check whether the feedstock meets the requirements before the production, and the foreign matter is strictly prohibited into the raw material.
In production, a certain number of materials must be maintained in the airflow grinding chamber. In the case where the flow rate of the pulverized gas is not changed, the material in the grinding cavity is large, the gradient current is large, and the material is small in the grinding cavity, the gradient current is small.
In addition, the feeding speed must remain uniform and stable, don't be too fast or too slow.
If the feeding speed is too fast, the device will overload.

Regular maintenance equipment, often check whether the air supply pressure meets the pressure required, and the gas flow grinding motor, after 3,000 hours of operation, or long-term shutdown and long-term storage, should be cleaned in a gas flow grinder nozzle and grinding The inner wall of the cavity and attached to the material grading portion to prevent the effect of gas flow grinding on the grinding effect.

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Case parameters:

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Hour Yield: 150kg

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