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Steam Jet Mill for Xylitol

Publish: 2022-01-14 11:47:03


STEAM JET MILL for Xylitol plays a vital role in the current industrial production. In various major minerals, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industries, all major applications, with the continuous development of Steam Jet Mill for Xylitol, the major industries, especially medicine, the food industry puts forward the purity of materials in the pulverization process. Requirements, it is desirable that the powder can be kept clean. In traditional Steam Jet Mill for Xylitol, carbon steel, stainless steel is generally used as a lining material of Steam Jet Mill for Xylitol.

Steam Jet Mill for Xylitol and cyclone separator, dust collectors and air machines have become a complete crushing system. After filtering the compressed air, the high-speed nozzle is sprayed into the pulverized chamber, and the material is repeated, friction and shear at the intersection of the multi-high pressure airflow. The crushing material moves from the rising airflow to the grading area under the suction of the fan, producing a strong centrifuge generated by a high speed rotation. Under the action of force, the fine particles are separated, and the cyclone and dust collectors are collected by the granular particles, and the coarse particles fall into the pulverized region to continue pulverization.

Steam Jet Mill for Xylitol Working Principle:

The qualified fine powder is delivered into the hierarchy of the upper portion of the pulverized device through the rising airflow. The classifier classifies the qualified materials and enters the cyclone collector (if a product having several particle size is required, add a plurality of vertical turbine classifiers). Fine tails are delivered into the bag dust collector via airflow. After filtration, the tail enters the exit of the lower part of the filter and empty the air.

Native components: classifier, grinding, grading, synchronous completion, to adjust the speed of the classifier through the frequency conversion speed, can adjust the fineness of the product. For example, if a machining process requires a number of particle size sections of the product, then two to four can be increased on the basis of a standard classifier, so that the machine becomes the \"two five\" machines of pulverization and grading.

How to maintain ultrafine Steam Jet Mill for Xylitol, introduce you to everyone:
1, the pulverizer runs around each week, you need to stop, check if the dust is blocked, clean the filter dust dust bag.
2, the bearing is marked, and the high temperature butter is added regularly, and the bearing is lubricated and maintained.

3, before the production, the air machine operation, check if there is any abnormal noise under the equipment, every two months, the stop inspection is loose.

4, before each shift is parked, the air machine is loaded, and all the materials of the cavity are all discharged.

ALPA gel methodWhite Carbon Black Steam Jet Mill for Xylitol Case Sharing: The main products of this customer include beer silica gels, an openings, catalyst carriers, and the like.The company purchased our ALPA Steam Jet Mill for Xylitol.
Technical parameters:
Finished granularity: D50: 12-16UM 10-12UM
Production capacity: 250-450kg

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