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Air Classifier Mill for Zinc Carbonate

Publish: 2022-01-14 11:46:41


Air Classifier Mill for Zinc Carbonate is a very practical and convenient industrial crushing equipment, most chemical industries, polymer materials need to be used, the AlPa crusher is fine, and the granules are delicate, affordable.

Many manufacturers who want to make a crushing process will choose to buy an AIR Classifier Mill for Zinc Carbonate, but not all crushers can be applied, and the wrong processing method will make the pulverizer wear speed change quick. The mill is wear is too fast, and the inner cavity of the pulverizer of the material should be selected when the material hardness is too large. The equipment operates for a long time in a higher crushing pressure, which requires a periodic replacement loss for uniformity. The products after crushing are generally single peaks, and if there is a double-peak or peak, there is a unstable pressure. The solution is based on the gas supply of the gas source equipment to meet the amount of gas required for work, ensuring that the lowest air supply pressure of the gas is high than the working pressure. The feed speed is unstable. Solution to check if there is a blockage at the feed valve; the material is not very viscous, uniform liquidity, and the stable control feed speed. A filter cake is formed in the pulverizer chamber. The solution is suspended, and the filter cakes in the crushed chamber will then return to the production.

AIR Classifier Mill for Zinc Carbonate Working: The material is uniform by the material by the feed, and the pulverization is fed into the pulverized mouth. Under the action of the fixed knife and the rotary knife, the various straws are cut into small segments. Then enter the crushing chamber, under the strong hit of the high-speed hammer, the material is rapidly pulverized, due to the large amount of the wind pressure and the large amount of wind pressure in the built-in fan, the pulverized material falls into the screen. The lower chamber is sent from the wind pressure transfer pipe to the aggregate room.

Let's talk about the common fault of Air Classifier Mill for ZINC Carbonate.

Air Classifier Mill for Zinc Carbonate Troubleshooting:
1 Waiting, etc. will cause feedback. When this happens, you should find out the cause, then take elimination measures, or remove the valve, replace the powder bag, improve the breathability, or replace the hammer head.
2, bearing overheating: When the bearing lubrication is poor, the damage or the spindle bend, the rotor is severely imbalance, and the belt is too tight and the bearing is overheating. By replacing the lubricant, replace the bearing and spindle, balance the rotor and adjust the belt, the bearing can return to normal state.
3, the strong vibration of the airflow pulverizer: The mounting hammer is wrong, the corresponding weight of the two groups of heavy hammers is too large.Bearings are damaged or the spindle is bent, and the foot is connected to the screw. According to the specific reason, step by step.
4, there is a sound inside the crusher: the part of the crusher is damaged, fall off or hard, such as stone and iron into the machine, that is, the external sound will be generated, and the machine should stop replacing damaged components or remove hard objects.
5, low production efficiency: insufficient electric power power, misconduct, belt slip, severe hammer wear, raw material unevenness or high raw material moisture content is the main reason for the low production efficiency.
We need to regularly check the machines and equipment to ensure proper work, which not only guarantees the safety of people, but also improves equipment efficiency.

ALPA calcium carbonate uses Air Classifier Mill for Zinc Carbonate case Sharing: This customer is a stone powder company, mainly engaged in production and processing of calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide and other products, the company needs to be superficite Classify the product of the required granular segment to classify. After the experiment, as well as the production requirements, our AlPA's host can reach the company's needs, and finally purchased a plurality of graded units of our company.
Welcomes the major calcium carbonate flour manufacturers with powder grading to factory to visit and incurred.

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