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Jet Mill of Sea Buckthorn

Publish: 2022-01-14 11:46:31


With the continuous increase in social needs, Jet Mill of Sea Buckthorn continues to improve in the use of performance, finished product quality, service life, etc., very well, which is well processed into micrometers and even nanoscale fine powder, and it is already chemical industry. , Food, pesticides, cosmetics, dyes, coatings, electrons, etc. have been widely used.

Jet Mill of Sea Buckthorn and cyclone separators, dust collectors, and air machines have become a complete crushing system. After filtering the compressed air, the high-speed nozzle is sprayed into the pulverized chamber, and the material is repeated, friction and shear at the intersection of the multi-high pressure airflow. The crushing material moves from the rising airflow to the grading area under the suction of the fan, producing a strong centrifuge generated by a high speed rotation. Under the action of force, the fine particles are separated, and the cyclone and dust collectors are collected by the granular particles, and the coarse particles fall into the pulverized region to continue pulverization.

Jet Mill of Sea Buckthorn features:

1. The structure is reasonable, stable, small energy consumption, large crushing capacity, small size, no fault, easy cleaning and maintenance.
2, the outer casing uses water cooling and its own air volume delivery crushing material, increase the temperature, and pulverizing the thermal material.
3, the wear of the blade is generated by a large amount of ultrasonic eddy current generated by the back of the blade and the vibration of the high frequency pressure.
4, the structure is compact, there is no dust overflow problem.
Ultra-micro Jet Mill of Sea Buckthorn Machine Maintenance and Storage Precautions:
1, often inspecting the fastening of each component, preventing it from falling off, damaging the machine.
2, each oil injection hole should be refueling, and the bearing portion is cleaned every half year to fill the lithium-based grease.
4, when the machine is deactivated, the external debris should be cleared, and the grease is filled with all the rotating parts, stored in the storage of air drying, non-corrosive gas.

ALPA Battery Jet Mill of Sea Buckthorn Case Sharing:
A new energy company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of new energy materials. The company is committed to new energy materials. The research and innovation, the company's products include special tetrashydoxide, magnetic material, tetraside, and lithium battery, positive electrode material.
The company has advanced technology and excellent quality, and has established a complete quality management operation system.
Case parameters
Product particle size: D50: 15μm

Hour Yield: 600kg

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