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Jet Mill of Basalt Scales

Publish: 2022-01-14 11:46:27


Jet Mill of Basalt Scales uses a clean, efficient, high-level, high-yield of advanced crusher models in the pulverization of Western medicine raw materials, and test from a few tres of microsteration At the time of hundreds of tons of large production, gas flow milling with narrow particle size distribution, average particle size; good powder shape, high product purity; suitable for low melting point, thermistory drug; good sealable, low pollution; Easy to operate; crushing-mixed-dry online operations, etc. have been widely recognized by the company.

The overall development trend of China's material ultrafine crushing technology is to make a more ultra-fine pulverized equipment to various types of ultra-fine pulverization equipment towards low-cost, high efficiency, strong dispersibility, good dispersibility and stable quality. High technical requirements.
Jet Mill of Basalt Scales Engineering Technology will need more and more high-purity ultrafine powder, and ultrafine powder technology will play an increasingly important role in high-tech research and development. Although high-purity ultrafine powder is prepared by chemical synthesis, it is too high, which is extremely difficult for industrial production. The main means of obtaining the ultrafine powder is still mechanical and pulverized, and ultra-fine pulverization technology is a combination of many technologies. Its development also depends on the progress of the relevant technology. Therefore, the main development trend of ultrafine pulverization equipment has been developed with fine classified equipment with ultrafine pulverized equipment. Ultrafine pulverized equipment with low energy consumption, small land, and has high handling capacity. Integrated development of equipment and process research. Ultrafine pulverization and supporting equipment must adapt to specific bored features and product indicators, and the scale model must be more adapted.

Ultrafine Jet Mill of Basalt Scales Working Principle: Ultrafine Crusher Tested by Feed Screw Feeder, felt the material into the crushing chamber between the body and the guide circle, in the blade, high-speed rotating in the comminution Under the impact, the material is attached to the ring gear that is fixed to the body, resulting in impact, shearing, and material, the material and the blade, the mutual collision, friction, and shear interchangeably. After the powder, under the tension of the negative pressure airflow, the small powder grains overcome self-weight, the over the guide circle with the gas flow, and enter the grading chamber. The fractionation impeller consists of the blade, and the high-speed rotating blade produces a centrifugal force opposite to the negative pressure, and the powder particles in the leaf can be subjected to a negative pressure gas stream and the granularity of the granules, the centrifugal force generated by the impeller, and the particles are larger than the critical diameter ( The granular particles of the grading particles are large, and the pulverized chamber continues to be pulverized, and the particles smaller than the critical diameter are discharged through the drain tube into the whirlwind collector. The higher the rotation speed of the hierarchical impeller, the finer the graded particles, and the rotation of the orthogonal impeller is the determinant of the size of the particle size.

How to correctly operate Jet Mill of Basalt Scales?

Before the device is turned on, the connection site, sealing and line, etc., all inspection did not askThe powder classifier can be run afterwards.
The boot should be operated in the boot order. 3 minutes before shutdown should be stopped, then shut down, the order is opposite to the boot order.
The amount of feed should be determined according to the size of the powder grading machine load, ensuring that the host is in the state of rated load. The particle fineness can be adjusted to adapt to the grading requirements.
Debutors such as the heat-sensitive material, then the power of the main motor is slightly lower than the rated power. The size of the air volume in the delivery line can be achieved by adjusting the damper of the fan.

ALPA Trimethium Cobalt Scrum Jet Mill of Basalt Scales Sharing:

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Case parameters:
Product particle size: D50: 3-25UM
Hour Yield: 3-10kg

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